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I was love bathed: A conversation with Nyasha

Two days ago I cited a wonderful quote from Yvonne Vera’s wonderful book The Stone Virgins. One of the many responses to the quote birthed an engagement that naturally makes up this blog post. Coincidentally, the conversation took place between me and a twin of Kuda whom I engaged with in one of my blogs.Continue reading “I was love bathed: A conversation with Nyasha”

A conversation with Kuda

Something wonderful happened while I was chatting with an amazing friend on WhatsApp. I thought a blog has presented itself and requested permission to post mainly what she said and was granted permission to do so on the condition that I will give her feedback if you choose to comment anyway. It’s on love. TheContinue reading “A conversation with Kuda”

A conversation with my loved little mother

When I first saw my little mother, I was also a little boy. Fifth or fourth grade I think. She was a lovely little girl from the city. She knew her other name which was erased when her birth certification was baked at the registry offices. ‘Ndinonzi Melisa Magumbo follow me’, said her when introducingContinue reading “A conversation with my loved little mother”

An Imaginary Conversation with Naume

Me: Come my daughter, have your dirty clothes and we wash them together. Naume: What about Sisi? If you and I wash together what will she have to do? After all you are a man you are not supposed to do so. Me: I’m not supposed to do but I have a duty to doContinue reading “An Imaginary Conversation with Naume”

Letter to my Child

I have a deep love epistolary writings. This love was primarily ignited by Alice Walker in the wonderfully written text Color Purple. I’m worried To My Children’s Children was part of my A Level set-books but accessibility made my early romance with epistolary fiction delayed. I’m looking for a copy of this if anyone isContinue reading “Letter to my Child”

My. Former Learner and Me: A conversation

I wasn’t planning on this one, then life happened. Something whispered document this conversation. You know what it is with a writer who thinks the business of the writings on the space owned by him or her are unpopular opinions. Without delving into this one, allow me to apologize for breaking the vow. Today’s topicContinue reading “My. Former Learner and Me: A conversation”