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A letter to self

If registration identity documents are to be believed we are a year older. But if we are to go with the wonderful madness of those social media philosophers, the birthday is another popular lie we are have been made to believe. The social media genius is close to the biblical belief which positions our existenceContinue reading “A letter to self”

The path to healing

I have been contemplating on leaving this. It’s a bit personal. But then my sixth sense is saying tell the story. It’s an outlet of that inner feeling. A feeling that sometime come as outbursts especially when life is too overwhelming to bear. So allow me dear reader to write this letter as if I’mContinue reading “The path to healing”

Letter to my Child

I have a deep love epistolary writings. This love was primarily ignited by Alice Walker in the wonderfully written text Color Purple. I’m worried To My Children’s Children was part of my A Level set-books but accessibility made my early romance with epistolary fiction delayed. I’m looking for a copy of this if anyone isContinue reading “Letter to my Child”