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Reading Painting a Mirage

The reading world is going to have something wonderful to ponder on as Painting a Mirage penetrates their space. Book one of The Mire series by Rumbidzai Samantha Vazhure, the free flowing narrative as told by Ruva is interesting as it is thought provoking. Ruva the first person narrator takes us on her journey asContinue reading “Reading Painting a Mirage”

Because Sadness is Beautiful? A review.

Many a times we spend our time thinking how to find happiness. No one has ever bothered to think of the beauty found in sadness (if there is any). Tanaka Chidora the poet assigned poetry lovers some home work to do through his debut poetry anthology Because Sadness is Beautiful?. The title which in myContinue reading “Because Sadness is Beautiful? A review.”


Are you looking for a refreshing voice in Zimbabwean (and probably African poetry)? Tariro Ndoro’s debut collection Agringada: Like a Gringa, Like a Foreigner is a poetry anthology to grab. I should say in this collection of great poems Ndoro played with poetic form and style to traverse the wonderful motifs of Afrikan literature. SheContinue reading “AGRINGADA: LIKE A GRINGA, LIKE A FOREIGNER: A Review”

The Rainbow: Rethinking sexuality and religion

A run down through these generations won’t help than reveal the void at the very core of Humanity and existence. The human being is found trapped in intricate systems that rob the individual of his or her independence. There is no joy that comes out of marriage, politics, religion, school, mines and imperial wars. Instead these are just stifling elements to the soul of (wo) mankind. After reading the book, I was aware more than ever of the illusions of modernity and progress.

Letter to my Child

I have a deep love epistolary writings. This love was primarily ignited by Alice Walker in the wonderfully written text Color Purple. I’m worried To My Children’s Children was part of my A Level set-books but accessibility made my early romance with epistolary fiction delayed. I’m looking for a copy of this if anyone isContinue reading “Letter to my Child”