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A stint at the farm

I have finished reading this book here. Probably a review is coming. But I have an ethical question here with me. As some of you could be in the know I’m somewhere painfully watching the skies withholding it’s tears, which our plans and rivers badly need, yet releasing it’s scorching heat that only leaves ourContinue reading “A stint at the farm”

Prayer: Digressive Thoughts

Not me finding myself entangled in the web of thoughts on prayer. As I thought of embarking on finding words to immortalise these thoughts, I debated with the self asking if it’s good and health to tread on this territory. I think the idea of inking this have won. However, that as it is IContinue reading “Prayer: Digressive Thoughts”

Reading Painting a Mirage

The reading world is going to have something wonderful to ponder on as Painting a Mirage penetrates their space. Book one of The Mire series by Rumbidzai Samantha Vazhure, the free flowing narrative as told by Ruva is interesting as it is thought provoking. Ruva the first person narrator takes us on her journey asContinue reading “Reading Painting a Mirage”

Christmas and memory

Christmas celebrations are here. I’m not a fan of it. Since childhood, I never have time to anxiously wait for new clothes on Christmas. However, during yestyear’s good time I had an opportunity to have Christmas and New Year’s clothes. There are also wonderful yet nostalgic memories that come with Christmas this day. This comeContinue reading “Christmas and memory”

Because Sadness is Beautiful? A review.

Many a times we spend our time thinking how to find happiness. No one has ever bothered to think of the beauty found in sadness (if there is any). Tanaka Chidora the poet assigned poetry lovers some home work to do through his debut poetry anthology Because Sadness is Beautiful?. The title which in myContinue reading “Because Sadness is Beautiful? A review.”

I was love bathed: A conversation with Nyasha

Two days ago I cited a wonderful quote from Yvonne Vera’s wonderful book The Stone Virgins. One of the many responses to the quote birthed an engagement that naturally makes up this blog post. Coincidentally, the conversation took place between me and a twin of Kuda whom I engaged with in one of my blogs.Continue reading “I was love bathed: A conversation with Nyasha”


Are you looking for a refreshing voice in Zimbabwean (and probably African poetry)? Tariro Ndoro’s debut collection Agringada: Like a Gringa, Like a Foreigner is a poetry anthology to grab. I should say in this collection of great poems Ndoro played with poetic form and style to traverse the wonderful motifs of Afrikan literature. SheContinue reading “AGRINGADA: LIKE A GRINGA, LIKE A FOREIGNER: A Review”

A conversation with Kuda

Something wonderful happened while I was chatting with an amazing friend on WhatsApp. I thought a blog has presented itself and requested permission to post mainly what she said and was granted permission to do so on the condition that I will give her feedback if you choose to comment anyway. It’s on love. TheContinue reading “A conversation with Kuda”