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A stint at the farm

I have finished reading this book here. Probably a review is coming.

But I have an ethical question here with me. As some of you could be in the know I’m somewhere painfully watching the skies withholding it’s tears, which our plans and rivers badly need, yet releasing it’s scorching heat that only leaves our plants sorrowfully wilting and streams drying.

So in company of me are two resident dogs: all brown in colour and a few hands and cocks (which I will prefer to call huku in this instance). No chicks yet. The company has taught me valuable lessons or I think I’m learning them.

With all due respect to the goodness of huku meat when cooked well, they sometimes look brainless. I mean they refuse eating crashed and uncrashed stuff thrown at them but goes for unwarranted attack on our vegetables and tomatoes in the garden.

In contrast, I have been observing these dogs for a few days. I think everyone who have equated his or her uncouth person to a dog should take back their words and apologize. The dogs have been beautiful companions. If they see me holding buckets, they quickly lead the way to the well and give me company. There is a radio here but I don’t like music that ever since the departure of one of my favourite musicians.

NB: I listen to music when it’s being played by someone many a times and when I feel like my soul is compelling to do so. My saying that I don’t really listen to music caused a fracture with one of my friends. I had told them that and for some reason I my ears involuntarily encountered Kireni Zulu being played in a bus. Being a sceptic on human beings’ relationship with love I got hooked by the spirit of the song for days. And my friend accused me of lying that I said I don’t listen to music. Who doesn’t listen to music.

I digress now that my radio is off, the dogs besides their beautiful loyalty and company they aid to the music of whistling and cackling of birds and other creatures by their intervening barks.
Now the dogs have a friend who is white. He stays a kilometre or so from our farm residence. He chose visiting today. When I saw him I thought his owner was following. I was wrong. Now that I’m a bachelor alone with my dogs and huku, I some times cook once and get done. I have our meals for the day done. Now we have one more mouth for super. Are we supposed to feed our dogs’ fiends or they should go back home and eat?

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I am a preacher confused in the constant happenings of life. I have been secretive about inner thoughts. Now I want to flow with them. I want to vomit. The pen is my link to the paper. The keyboard becomes the first step towards you. The internet will sort everything else considering I am not broke.

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