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A conversation with Kuda

Something wonderful happened while I was chatting with an amazing friend on WhatsApp. I thought a blog has presented itself and requested permission to post mainly what she said and was granted permission to do so on the condition that I will give her feedback if you choose to comment anyway. It’s on love. The background I think was on a character in Pride and Prejudice who refused marriage till her demands were met. I argued there is little for second chances in love. I based my pessimism from my experience with two people I thought I loved. They have moved on I would like to think. The next paragraph is her response to my claim that I have lost love. I thought I should do little editing on punctuation and grammar except for translation in brackets of certain phrases in Shona. I want this to be close to its rawness. I left my WhatsApp name Matigari so that you will see my interjections Maybe you will enjoy this

You were in love with her too much and it might not have been the case with her. kkkkkk she wanted security the kind that comes with marriage or so our society thinks😆😆.

And when someone who was looking for the same thing she was or her family was looking for she agreed and got married. she settled rather than stick around for more. kkkkkkk. yours was a one sided affair va Garusa. you thought because you loved her she loved you back the same way😔.

Matigari: Love can be seen, felt, smelled, tasted, seen and heard where it is. And all my senses agreed to these!

Then the second one might have been a rebound. kkkkk you just fall in love with the idea of being in love and you think moving on is simple😃 it is not. kkkkkkk.

ln my case l can say with good experience that you can love only one person with intensity and all. and somehow you always keep crushing into one another till you learn to flow effortlessly you become one dance you become the same☺️☺️. although you might not be together nekumbonetsana you know you will end up together😁.
but if the roads are affected by other squirrels and mocking birds and Kama gets ahead of your delays. you each move on. you will each meet really amazing people.

he will meet an amazing girl and she an amazing guy. with time each will grow to love and respect their partners. with each little thing beautiful each will erase the first memories.😃😃although each might take to smile and say l once loved this person. they are fulfilled.

ln short am saying most people claim to have loved but never did. That’s the problem with Zimbabweans, using each other in the name of love. 😆😆. l cannot claim to have loved or the very least been loved but l know that am not a stranger to love☺️😊 it makes one want to do better. it leaves one vulnerable. uncertain but willing to go the distance and l can say you can love one person for a lifetime. l can also say once you have loved this way, come what may you can’t love like that again. zvimwe zvese tenge taku kangisana hedu nzungu muchiutsi😆😆😆 (what else we say or do is making ourselves fry nuts in smoke)
that love is consuming kkkkk. so l can say l smile at many things in life. l always tell my friends that l pray one has that feeling once at least before they die. Hazviudzike munhu (It cannot be explained to the next person) you have to go through it to know what lam saying.
l always say l don’t have much in life but l am a grateful person. lam grateful to God for allowing me to go through such an experience. kkkkk.
Don’t ask much for l wont say more.😊😊

kkkkkkk and what is funny is ma Zimbabwean guys. vakomana vaya vanoda shamhu (those boys needs a stick). They say l am in love with you but dont hurt me for l have been in love once. it means that person has never been in love but is trying to find out more. they seek meaning in all this and that. going on different dates does not create love mysteriously and above all love is not a hooker one picks along the streets. love is not a kudu you go hunting for. 🤣🤣. what is love? l don’t even know. but l know it happens wakavarairwa (when you are not in the know) you don’t plan to love someone.

But Zim Guys plan to and Zim Girls plan to be loved🤣🤣 the preparations. the fancy hairstyles. the fancy dressing etc. The Fakeness is Tragic each time l step into the city l smell it🤣🤣🤣🤣 ayas. am not saying l have never subscribed to this fakeness but at least l did it with a clear conscience knowing that there is no love, they are just the Wonderman ava😂😂😂. they never stop performing wonders in the name of “love”. But I am a bad person for not alerting the guy that l know he is just like every Zimbabwean guy abusing the word “love”.🙈🙈🙈🙈

jokes l just wanted to cheer you up and make you laugh a bit.
but seriously Zimbabweans abuse the word too much.. you would be shocked at the rate guys say l love you nzvimb yacho yazvonotaurirwa (the place you hear that) so. time yacho 😅

Author please l have given you something to write about. kkkkkk adress your fellow brothers to stop making fools of themselves so hazvibudeso😆😆😆😆
problem yedu vema Arts we are already Hopeless Romantics. so one needs to always safeguard from confusing what is already a part of you to be what everyone feels🙈🤗

[20/09, 16:23] Matigari: I wish to edit this and blog it. Permission granted?

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14 thoughts on “A conversation with Kuda

  1. Love is actions not just words. Give the person a chance to prove themselves and be ready to do the same.
    Also, first heal and then get back into the dating world. Even if it takes years to do so.


      1. Hehehehe, first and foremost, there is alot of Infatuation and defrauding that is happening in our generation. This has been our greatest battle towards experiencing real true love. Then, I think we (especially women) can learn to truly love over and over but that first real true love is an experience that happens once

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