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An Imaginary Conversation with Naume

Me: Come my daughter, have your dirty clothes and we wash them together.

Naume: What about Sisi? If you and I wash together what will she have to do? After all you are a man you are not supposed to do so.

Me: I’m not supposed to do but I have a duty to do so. My mom has taught me to do my laundry. Growing up, your granny had no qualms with me having a bucket full of water on my head. I thank her for that.

Naume: (After a season of her affectionate laugh) Is that what Gogo did? You had a crazy mom then dad!

She brings her few clothes. And we begin washing under the shade of a Mopane tree.

Me: You want to know why we are washing together, you and me?

Naume: Yes, baba

It’s because as human beings we are supposed to use our bodies for work. If you have hands you need to use them. That’s why we are washing even though we have a maid. Having a helper doesn’t mean shading away our duties right.

Her: But my friend’s father don’t wash clothes and plates.

Me: maybe her grandmother didn’t teach his father to do that. I also want us to wash together so that you and my can talk my daughter.

Her: But we always talk Dad

Me: Yes darling we do talk, but you see sometimes soccer and work leaves with little time together. I want to have time with you my little angel. You should know that in this world not all men can do what I’m doing. It took me a lot of courage to do so. As you are growing up you may find yourself being attracted to boy friends. Always make sure to guard your body. This is your most prized asset you have. Learn to control it. Learn to love it. Learn to take the greatest care of it my daughter. Do you get me.

Perplexed by this kind of talk she took her time thinking what was this but in the end she replies without knowing what she was saying

Her: Yes dad

Me: Another thing, be like your Baba and Mhamha right. If your Baba can wash clothes with you and Mhamha can be computer scientist like she is, you are unlimited of what you can do. You can do whatever your brains and energy allow you to. Be a conqueror my dear.

From Baba’s Desk

Published by advocateofunpopularopinions

I am a preacher confused in the constant happenings of life. I have been secretive about inner thoughts. Now I want to flow with them. I want to vomit. The pen is my link to the paper. The keyboard becomes the first step towards you. The internet will sort everything else considering I am not broke.

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