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If I had an issue close to the heart

If it was not of the pledge and commitment I would have skipped this one. The reason being that it’s the first time I had two alien drafts in terms of theme and content all lined up to win the day. They are two extreme. One is closely personal and hopeful while the other the other is communal. The communal has won the day

An issue after my own heart. I shift goal posts when it comes to attachment. Today I love this, tomorrow I am on this. My ideas are never stagnant; they are fluid as life itself. Growing up made me adjust in thinking and practice but there are certain consistencies in a number of areas. The changes are hugely instilled by multiple movements happening physically, mentally and socially.

For those who have been following my postings I think you have noted a number of issues that seem to be of interest to the uprooted villager. You now know of my seemingly critical eye on my uprooted ness, religion, literature, and politics among other issues.

You might have noted my strong affiliation to paradoxes of life. Yesterday’s post on the WinterABC must have hinted my fascination with my mistrust of love.

I am fascinated by love and relationships as a subject. Unlike many of us I don’t treat this area with extreme excitement and love for it. Neither do I treat this issue as sacred. I enjoy leaving anyone in my circles thinking about this. I enjoy leaving you with some doubts if you really really love that bae or partner, or roommate, or personal person, or spouse of yours. It’s a matter of semantics, so you know how you have saved the contacts of that person. Anyway, wisdom of old saw this and told us ‘Chiri mumoyo chiri muninga‘. You know how you have posted that person on social media.

As if that is not enough, I want to leave you thinking if you really the father of this or that child or if you really is a child to that man you call your father. Anyway fatherhood needs a serious reconstruction I think. Don’t go for DNA tests. If you think you are the child’s father just behave like one, enjoy or suffer the benefits of fatherhood in silence and peace. If you think you are a child to that man enjoy or suffer the benefits of being that man’s daughter or son in silence and peace. In our world of old their wisdom told then that ‘Chakafukidza dzimba matenga’. This is a key motivation to me thinking and thinking of love and relationships.

I want to know of the scandals happening in the inner most of a human being, in the inner most soul of the family. In short I love the scandals eating at the core of humanity. Therefore I always search for public and private scandals.

Don’t worry about my sources. I trust them. Gossip among citizens in a matatu and citizens in a book are like John the revelator about scandalous wars in your mind and home. Think of love and marriage versus the violence between (un) married lovers. It’s an agreed point that women are largely on the receiving end of what have been termed domestic violence. But, I am sure there are men who have been shown verbal and physical blows in these relationships. Don’t forget children in this matrix of violence. What boggles my mind is the enduring pain under the vice-grip of violence that we subject our mortal bodies to.

When I read a book and a blog post, watch a video of any size or listen to some other story I am not a participant, I am hooked to this great entrapment that we find ourselves in. I have so much to say but let me conclude with this paraphrased quote from a book you might have come across: The Kite Runner.

In that book there is a beautiful girl who was gifted with a natural voice that could sing and she enjoyed the business of singing. She was married to a general who said no to singing. When her daughter was of marriageable age in her made she wished too bad for her to be married although she knew the powerful edge of marriage in silenced the songs in women. The question is if the houses are covered by their roofs, why are there so many secrets even in those roofs? Why are we motivated to get married as if marriage is a priority? Why do we endure such pains? Suppose you are like me in doubting marriage as an institution what are you thinking about the act? Like me are you leaving to the fate of entrapment?


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Published by advocateofunpopularopinions

I am a preacher confused in the constant happenings of life. I have been secretive about inner thoughts. Now I want to flow with them. I want to vomit. The pen is my link to the paper. The keyboard becomes the first step towards you. The internet will sort everything else considering I am not broke.

15 thoughts on “If I had an issue close to the heart

  1. This post is so intriguing, first off living peacefully and silently with a father that isn’t your father is like a cancer for you will never be good enough in his eyes.
    Also the marriage question, I like. I even have a poem in my drafts similar to this “Why are we motivated to get married as if marriage is a priority?”

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  2. I have the kite runner in my library but I haven’t read it yet. This has just motivated me to do so. Quite an intriguing mind you have there, it comes off in your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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