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Consult the elders who move in Christ

The church have been closed for a while now. Forgive me I failed mathematics because I wasn’t able to calculate x+y, bx-lp whatever the letters were. This vexed my whole mathematical logic to an extent that I am even loosing count of the additions of the days of restrictions.

The church gatherings were closed but not accessibility to God in his premises or on his throne. Neither was accessibility to the premises we used to gather our mortal bodies to give worship, to gossip and to show up. Yes, the Son of God himself said not all who proclaim Lord, Lord will enter his kingdom. That’s why I suspect there were other motives outside worship motivating some of us to go to church those Sundays.

I frequented the premises as either a gardener or water fetcher. At home we don’t trust the Harare City Council water for our drinking so we use borehole and the church has a borehole. Uncle also pulled some Robert Mugabe style and raided a small piece of land there which for the past years was being used by a fellow church member. So we now own a few vegetable beds.

This is where I chose to run away from the screen and activities associated with it: reading and writing. I wanted to freshen up after two weeks of intense blogging and intense reading for work. Ironically, when I thought I have escaped, demons came over my mind as I was approaching home.

The demons came when I saw someone I at the point thought is mad sitting at the nearby filling station. I was seeing one of my former favorite hymns from my mother’s denomination, ‘Hosanna wekudenga ndovimba nezwi rako‘ (Hosanna of the Heavens I trust/confide in your word). Then upon passing this man my mind pulled some games with me and started thinking out of my own will, What if this guy pulls a Legion style and shout Son of David don’t destroy us.

I went silent to the song but my mind could not be silenced. It continues with it’s silly frightening questions: ‘Why is it at the present demons on cry in the church?‘ I am yet to hear of a prominent wo/man of God who makes demons cry in the streets. ‘Why is it those demons continue manifesting on the same persons at church?’ Why are the demons so powerful that they don’t cry at the powerful powers of the persons of God?

Picture from wikiphotos

Please pray for me! I think something is not right with me.

Izvi zvine chirevo daidzai vakuru vauye, ndoda vakuru vanofamba naJesu vauye pano If I trusted my translation enough I would have translated these lyrical plea for those who move with Christ from Fungisai’s song.

Published by advocateofunpopularopinions

I am a preacher confused in the constant happenings of life. I have been secretive about inner thoughts. Now I want to flow with them. I want to vomit. The pen is my link to the paper. The keyboard becomes the first step towards you. The internet will sort everything else considering I am not broke.

8 thoughts on “Consult the elders who move in Christ

  1. This is ominous, can you call for the elders, I need those elders who walk with Christ, to come here…
    Thats the translation you were seeking, but as for your questions, when you find an answer, I would also want to learn it.

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      1. I am grateful to have come across such a thought provoking piece of writing today. Thank you dear author. Indeed it is these questions that will help us understand some of the modern day hypocritical tendencies


  2. I was going to ask for a translation of the lyrics but B beat me to it.

    About questions, as I wrote my post today, I learnt that a question is half the wisdom. You’re almost there…

    Liked by 1 person

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