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The reason of advocating for opinions that I think are not Popular

What prompted the blogging idea?

I was walking alone in one of my ghetto streets that leads to the place I gladly meet with other worshipers when the invisible enemy is not around. On this day the mission was to find space for some gardening. Then I remembered how one of my lovely friend told me she will never view my WhatsApp statuses because of some of my unconventionality.

Let me be honest with you dear reader. As the Preacher said there is nothing new under the sun, I am not an inventor of new ideas or opinions. My problem,I should admit is I am highly fascinated by those deeds, events, incidents or life happenings we are not comfortable with when their occurrences or existence are acknowledged. Most of my WhatsApp statuses are excerpts from books that I will be reading. I don’t want to be frightened alone!

My current reads

After remembering a friend’s wonderful confession I realized how I sometimes enjoy listening to my own voice, how sometimes I am not able to remain silent when things happen. I said to myself ‘self you irritate others by your attraction to the filthy, to wretchedness, sadness and vanity which you cannot keep to yourself; why not broaden your horizons?’

The idea of starting this anonymous home came to mind. I told one of my friends who always inspires me to write. He encouraged me to do so. The conversation didn’t end with the word of encouragement only. A question was thrown on my face ‘Why do you want a blog?’

I didn’t take a lot of time to think on that question. I created my blog and placed on my wall one of my earlier drafts which is still on my drafts portal of this site. I added another one after a month which you haven’t seen yet. Don’t worry, after this challenge, I think I will be used to spreading my own nonsense to the worlds, and eventually those will see the day.

A few days after the blog creation I began to think of my friend’s question. I thought I will never blog. One month after the blog’s creation I thought of posting my one and only blog post prior yesterday’s pledge. The question continued haunting me and the idea of quitting the whole mess grew in intensity. This is probably the reason why I did very little on my site so far.

But why did I create this home. This is a platform I think will help me to cope with my instability. I think a lot about life. I don’t want my thoughts to go to waste.I want to document them. I wish to see growth in how I package whatever that may be happening in my little head.I want to invade people’s private convesations and thoughts to cement my private thoughts and share them with you.

You are going to meet my senselessness but forgive me reader. I don’t write about a particular subject but I’m fascinated by illusory nature of life. If my keyboard willing you are going to see more of them. When I grow up I want to be a writer. Advocacy, I believe will help me find a voice. It will help me furnish my writing skills and hopefully you will see a grown up me writing.



Published by advocateofunpopularopinions

I am a preacher confused in the constant happenings of life. I have been secretive about inner thoughts. Now I want to flow with them. I want to vomit. The pen is my link to the paper. The keyboard becomes the first step towards you. The internet will sort everything else considering I am not broke.

12 thoughts on “The reason of advocating for opinions that I think are not Popular

  1. I think of a blog as an empty art board awaiting the artist to bring it to life. All art is not the same but it’s still art. Create yours.

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